The PAAC Fellowship: FAQs


What is the availability of scholarships?

Scholarships are distributed based on need. We highly encourage you to apply for a scholarship if cost is a barrier to participating in the fellowship.

Who should provide reference letters?

One of the letters should come from a person who can speak to how you engage with your faith. This can be a friend, mentor, or pastor. The other letter can be from someone who knows you well.

Are there any specific acceptance criteria?

As long as you identify as progressive, Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi American, and Christian, and you are open to learning and challenging yourself, we encourage you to apply.

The application asks me to provide my availability for weekly small groups from September to June. What if I’m not sure what my schedule will be?

Please fill out this portion of the application based on your current understanding of your schedule from September to June. However, we understand that your schedule may shift from the time that you submit the application and the time that the fellowship begins, so please let us know if your availability changes.


What is the time commitment of the fellowship?

The time commitment per week will depend on the time of month and the amount of readings for that given week. At least one week in each month will include a 2-hour webinar. Each week will have a 75-minute small group meeting and around 30-50 pages of reading.

I know that I won’t be able to make it to one of the webinars. Should I still apply?

We encourage that fellows attend all of the webinars that they can, but we understand that you may have commitments that you may be unable to miss. We recommend that you still apply.

How will I get access to the readings?

Some readings will be distributed online via email and through an online platform. Some readings will be books that you will be responsible for purchasing or acquiring. Fellows will receive the list of books required for the year before the fellowship starts in August.