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Find a Church

We understand that being a progressive Asian American Christian can be lonely sometimes. So we’ve crowdsourced a list of progressive churches throughout the country in case you are looking for a faith community. We look at 3 major criteria when including a church in this list:

  • Affirmation of the complete humanity and human rights of LGBTQ+ individuals
  • Affirmation of women in leadership roles within the church (does not always mean that lead pastor is female)
  • Involvement in social justice issues such as anti-racism and pro-immigrant activism, LGBTQ+ advocacy, creation care, etc. (All the things included in our Statement on God’s Justice!)

Please note that this crowdsourced list is subject to change. Inclusion on this list does not represent endorsement by the organization Progressive Asian American Christians. We encourage you to visit these church websites and/or contact church staff as you search for a faith community aligned with your progressive beliefs.

You can also submit a listing for consideration. All suggestions are subject to PAAC moderator approval.