First Baptist Church of Pasadena

Church Name: First Baptist Church of Pasadena
Street Address: 75 N Marengo Ave
City: Pasadena
ZIP Code: 91101
Church Website:
Contact Person(s): John Jay Alvaro (lead pastor)-; Lindsay Dorman (family pastor)-; Grace Goodman (PAAC member)-

The church recently took a public stance as LGBTQIA+ affirming. The church is also involved in social justice issues and organized one of the local vigils for George Floyd in partnership with the Pasadena chapter of BLM. Last, there are several women in leadership, including two of the three current pastors and half the deacon board.

Affirms women in leadership?: Yes
Involved in social justice issues?: Yes
LGBTQ+ affirming?: Yes
Approximate % Asian: 15
Languages: English