First Chinese Presbyterian Church of New York City

First Chinese Presbyterian Church - NYC
Church Name: First Chinese Presbyterian Church of New York City
Street Address: 61 Henry Street
City: New York
ZIP Code: 10002
Church Website:
Contact Person(s): Henry Kuo (PAAC member and occasional preacher)

This entry applies to the English Congregation that meets at 1:00 pm on Sundays. FCPC is one of the oldest Asian-American churches in the nation, having been established in 1910. The Moderator of the Session is Rev. Laura Jervis of Rutgers Presbyterian Church, and the current head of staff, Elaine Shao, leads the Cantonese Congregation. The English Congregation is largely lay-led; Sunday services are led by visiting preachers. The college and career fellowship group (BASIC) is involved with social justice issues and are LGBTQ+ affirming.

Affirms women in leadership?: Yes
Involved in social justice issues?: Yes
LGBTQ+ affirming?: Yes
Approximate % Asian: 98
Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin
  • FCPC's primary theological influences...