PAAC is a community for socially, politically, and theologically progressive Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi American and diaspora Christians to support each other and discuss faith, identity, and current events. It is an LGBT-affirming, feminist, justice-oriented, anti-racist, pro-immigrant, anti-ableist space that holds a wide range of theologies.

The PAAC Facebook group was created by Lydia Shiu, then a pastor in San Francisco, who was looking for a place to foster conversations among progressive Asian American Christians.  Meanwhile, Liz Lin, a writer and educator just outside San Francisco, was working on a piece about how lonely it is to be a progressive Asian American Christian.  In September 2016, Lydia and Liz had a fortuitous meeting in which they shared what they were doing — to the other’s surprise!  Liz put a link to Lydia’s group at the end of her piece as a way for people who resonated with it to find like-minded folks.

Liz posted her piece on The Salt Collective on December 22, 2016.  Within 24 hours, 300 people had joined the Facebook group; in less than three weeks, the group had 1000 members.  Currently, the group has 6000+ members all over the country and the world, with lively discussions about faith, identity, and politics.

We’re glad you found us! Here are some ways to connect with our community.